Words of Wisdom: Ali Shariati: Alawian Shiaism and Mohamadian Sunnism

June 23, 2008


The difference between the Alawy Shiaism [shiaism as following Imam Ali] and the Mohamady Sunnism [Sunisim as following Prophet Mohamad] is not more than the difference between two scholars within the same sect about one scientific issue.

And it is necessary to clarify to the world that the Media Institutions of the Umayad Sunnism, uses the words and claims that are uttered by the Safavid Shiaism, Sheikism, Suffis, and Ismaelites to insult all the Shia and deform their appearance in front of their Sunni borthers.

At the same time, the media institutions of the Safavid Shiaism do the same by hunting words and claims from Nasabis and Wahabis and attach them to all of the Sunnah.

It is a responsibility on the aware elite group of the Ummah to explain to the people that Islamic Unity does not mean that a person gives up his school of thought, but it means to meet on the large common denominator, and to agree on the issues at stake.

Ali Shariati

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