America is Existentially Divided by Wissam Charafeddine

September 23, 2010

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Is there an issue that Americans agree on as a whole today?!

If there is logic and facts, why not? But the problem is, America is Existentially divided today, and polarized by partisan politics, between those who respect science and live in reality, and those who believe in miracles and live in a delusion!

Well, the reality is that we are a multicultural immigrant society, still maintaining our militant superiority but lost our super power glitter as the earth got flatter (as Thomas Friedman describes), we have a lot to learn from Asia in terms of children education, from Europe in terms of life style and manufacturing quality, from South America in terms of partying, and from Australia in terms of steak, and we have gotten a lot of fixing to do in terms of public relations if we are planning to play any leadership position on Earth.

The reality also is that we are a secular state, mostly moderately religious, except for the 15% reckoning themselves as atheists, with about a variety of 3600 belief systems.

Spanish might become more as popular as English at one point, whites might become a minority, and Christianity might not be the religion with most followers in the U.S. at one point as statistics show….

We have a large deficit, and one way to pay off that is through increasing taxes on the rich (like common sense implies) and stop spending money on unnecessary wars and bailing out wall street.

Government is and will forever be involved in many things, and quite frankly, we are no longer a republic like described by founding fathers. I am sorry, but we evolved to something else, and it is better… or at least necessary… so walk it off!

This is reality.  Now, if you want to see  the delusional miracle driven America, go watch Glen Beck.

What we need is education.  Actually, your vote should have a weight relative to your education and community involvement to really get some where, since a large portion of us are just basically dumb!

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