“We are all good people” … a song for coexistence

December 18, 2010

ART, Coexistence, Film, Music

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Wissam, Wesley, or simply W, is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, activist, ex-Imam, humanist, liberal thinker with interest and mediocre attempt at many takes of life. A modern confused Renaissance man, who uses doubt as a path for emancipation and science as a road towards enlightenment.

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One Comment on ““We are all good people” … a song for coexistence”

  1. kanan48 Says:

    An apartheid is an apartheid, and putting a human face on it can only fool who doesn’t know what kind of life is to be under an occupation, and in this case a colonial settler occupation.
    It is not about “two sides”, it is about an occupier and an occupied, and they are not equal in the crime, THE OCCUPATION.
    The clip is mixing between indigenous natives Arabs, who are facing an ethnic cleansing on daily base and most of them ended up as refugees, and the colonial settlers who came mostly from European countries and wanted to build a “Jewish state” in Palestine.
    Yes, we are all humans, including racists, criminals, nazis, and colonial settlers who want to evict the natives and seize the land inch by inch. Slaves owners were also normal people and humans who loved their kids, and were nice to their “slaves”!
    Anyone doesn’t see apartheid Israel as a colonial settler racist project, than he or she are covering for it and complicit with it, it is that simple.

    Mandala said: “The Palestinian state cannot be the by-product of the “Jewish state”, just in order to keep the Jewish purity of Israel. Israel’s racial discrimination is daily life of most Palestinians. Since Israel is a “Jewish state”, Israeli Jews are able to accrue special rights which non-Jews cannot do. Palestinian Arabs have no place in a “Jewish state”.
    Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.” From a letter to Thomas Friedman.
    Targeted Citizen“.


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