IRSHAD Condemns the Detroit ICE Surrounding of Hope of Detroit Academy – CALL FOR ACTION!

Warrant-less searches, detention abuse, detainment of US Citizens. ICE Caught at *Another* Elementary School

Rally Against ICE Abuse with Congressman Luis Gutierrez
Monday, April 18th, 6:00 PM
UAW Local 600
10550 Dix Highway, Dearborn (near the corner of Vernor)

It’s been a few days since ICE surrounded Hope of Detroit Academy.  Life is starting to return to normal.
The anger we felt when we met the families trapped inside the school may be subsiding.
It shouldn’t.  You should still be outraged.
In the past two weeks, AIR has uncovered additional cases of *incredible* abuses by ICE within the jurisdiction of the Detroit field office.
*May 5, 2010, Battle Creek, MI: A mother strip-searched in front of her son while in detention.  When she comlained, agents told her “You’re lucky we don’t just shoot you in the head.”
*February 12, 2011, Cincinnati, OH: A father was thrown through a wall be aggressive ICE agents during a home raid.  He had no criminal history.
*March 23rd, 2011, Detroit, MI: ICE conducts an illegal, warrant-less search of a home.  They detain a six months pregnant woman, and subsequently deny her access to medication and treatment while in immigration detention.
*March 24, 2011, Detroit, MI: ICE agents stop a US Citizen driving home from work.  They hold him on the side of the road for an hour, refusing to believe that his identification is real.
*April 7, 2011, Detroit, MI: Community members spot ICE and Border Patrol vehicles staking out Neinas Elementary in Detroit.
*April 7, 2011, Wixom, MI: ICE agents burst into the home of a US Citizen early in the morning and conduct an illegal, warrant-less search.
There are more cases the victims would prefer to keep private, and they’re just as bad.
The Detroit ICE office is out of control, and they need to be held accountable.
Stay mad, and stand up with us:
Rally Against ICE Abuse with Congressman Luis Gutierrez
Monday, April 18th, 6:00 PM
UAW Local 600
10550 Dix Highway, Dearborn (near the corner of Vernor)
We will also be joined by Congressman John Conyers and Congressman Hansen Clarke!
Thanks for all you do–
Ryan, Jonathan, Bartosz, Elvis, Migladys, Margarita, and the AIR Team

Text “Justice” or “Justicia” to 69866 for instant action alerts!
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