RIP Ibrahim Abbas Alkoubaissi

February 28, 2012


Tuesday February 28th, 2012. For many its just another regular day nearing the end of a Leap Year February. For a small community living in Dearborn, Michigan its a bit more than that. Today marks the six month anniversary of the date that our Iraqi Community in Dearborn, MI lost Hussain Asaad Alwaily in a homicide murder in Detroit. What makes today even more harsh to our community is waking up to the news that Ibrahim Abbas Alkoubaissi, 25, was also murdered yesterday.  The killers for both cases are still at large. Both Hussain, and Ibrahim are very well known among the youth of our community, and had the type of personality that always cared about making everyone feel better and ultimately putting a smile on their face. My sincerest of condolences go out to Ibrahim’s mother, who recently came back from a visit from Iraq. My condolences also go out to Ibrahim’s Father, his siblings, his family, and all of his many friends.

In a time like this one cannot help but ponder about our temporary stay on this planet. Living to an old age and getting buried by one’s own children and grandchildren seems to be more of a luxury then a guarantee.  We must honestly ask ourselves, are we ready to depart from this world?  The infamous tradition by Ali ibn Abi Talib teaches us to plan for this life as if we are going to live forever, but to plan for the afterlife as if we are going to depart tomorrow. Although its read very easily, but when one thinks about the lesson behind that quote one’s mind starts to comprehend how deep of an expression it actually is. Ultimately its all about the balance of our deeds and actions, knowing that it might be the last time we are put in that position. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re angry one day and you’re leaving home angry, make sure that you know that it might be the last time and opportunity for you to give your mom a good-bye hug and kiss.

I ask of all to pray that the creator has mercy on soul of  both Ibrahim Abbas Alkoubaissi, and Hussain Asaad Alwaily. May all there families be granted patience during these troubling and testing times.


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2 Comments on “RIP Ibrahim Abbas Alkoubaissi”

  1. aseel Says:

    im ehsans al nassirus wife and im not tgat close to any of the guyz that this community lost and i have never seen ehsan sooi deppressed im going crazy even if im not that close to them it hurts seeing there moms go crazy i love my husband and wat ever hurts him hurts take this life serious because you never know what might come your way abe and hussein R.I.P no one bleavs that we actually lost you we will see you soon


  2. wcharaf Says:

    Condolences to the family.


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