Football Unites Against All Odds!

February 29, 2012


In a time where there isn't much to smile about in Iraq, its citizens are finding the success of the National Soccer Team a great reason to smile.

Many countries throughout the Middle East are going through many political stifles and re-arrangements of government types. The Arab Spring hasn’t left a single country to sit and watch as a spectator. Every single day in the news all that is heard from the Middle East is news regarding peaceful protestors of different parts of the different countries each supporting its own religious and ethnic interests. In a time where unity seems to be the most valuable asset to any Middle Eastern country, the vast majority of its citizens seem to fall for their political leader’s traps and fall  divided.

In 2007, when Iraq was going through its most difficult time of its so called sectarian and ethnic divisions, a phenomena occurred that united the country behind a group of men who are less then a dozen in number. The success of the Iraqi National Football (Soccer) Team in winning the Asian Cup tournament had the whole country laughing, clapping, and cheering as one whole united body. The team itself seemed to be composed perfectly to show how diverse the Iraqi population is. There are Sunni, Shiites, Kurds, and Christians on the team. Four years down the line artists are still composing songs, photos, and videos uniting the country behind its one team.

Today, for the first time in history, Lebanon’s National Team also qualified for the first round of the World Cup Tournament.  Lebanon, a country that’s very divided behind its different factions, is also falling the same phenomena. The whole country is laughing  and cheering together as one united entity again. Who ever thought that the solution to the sectarian divisions in the Middle East is nothing more than a successful soccer campaign? If I was in the position of the political leaders in the Middle East, I would invest more time and money into its Football/Soccer Programs so more success can be attained.

Congratulations to all of Iraq’s citizens, and Lebanon’s citizens today for the advancement of both of their national teams into the first round of the World Cup Tournament.   Make us proud Boys!


Lebanese of all factions are standing side by side cheering on the home team.


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2 Comments on “Football Unites Against All Odds!”

  1. wcharaf Says:

    True. On the other hand, soccer sometimes bring political strife to Arabic countries, like what happened between Egypt and Algeria , or the massacre that took place lately in Bour Saeed. I think it is a matter of education and awareness than a matter of a magical solution.

    Another question comes to mind: why aren’t we competitive enough at an international level even though we are born to playing soccer and die in playing soccer?!

    I grew up in UAE and always wanted to play soccer. Oh wait, I wasn’t allowed to join any national club because I was an “immigrant”.

    Nevertheless, it is going to be an exciting world cup whenever is the next one (AKA I don’t give a fiddler’s fart)! Lol


  2. mbmohieeldeen Says:

    Well, in Egypt it was a fight not on the international level, but between two clubs. When the competition gets real tough, and there are rowdy spectators, riots breakout. That is true in every league and every sport.

    Our Arabic teams aren’t good internationally because our gov’t’s don’t spend much time, money, and other resources to get the youth trained from a young age…

    All the other countries you find programs the scouts for talents from youth 4 years and older.


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