The One out of Thirty-Two Million

March 2, 2012


Imam Taqy Abdallah from Tokyo, Japan is a 1 out of a 32.5 million.

Tokyo is known among the world as being the biggest and most populous city.  Its population is estimated at 32.5 million people. That’s about the size of a New York City and a half. Not a single person out of the 32.5 million people inside Tokyo can make the claim that they are the only one person in that city who is just the one. Abdallah Taqy is the only native Japanese living in Tokyo who is an Islamic Imam. Keeping his day job as a body piercer and a tatoo artist Imam Taqy has managed to break both the Japanese and Islamic “Cookie Cutter” template by becoming possibly the only Islamic Imam who’s career is in that artistic field.

Being the friendly, calm, and soft-spoken individual that Imam Taqy is, a person must really tone down and give their full attention to Imam Taqy as he speaks his few, but very carefully chosen, wise words.

“From when I was born, I was just walking, but there was no road, it was like a desert. Increasingly I thought about it and I can see a road, like wide, made narrow and straight. I was sleeping. Everybody is the same. But then, I woke up. I don’t want to categorize any religion. I think they are are real.  But people distort them.”

He continues saying:

“Everybody has a name for God. Some say Allah.  I say the name isn’t important.”

Any man who chooses to work for the sake of helping humanity, but doesn’t attempt to make any worldly gains from it has my respect. The fact that Imam Taqy kept his day job is a reminder to all the other present day “men of God” on how Muhammed son of Abdallah, Jesus son of Mary, and Moses son of Imran (Peace and Blessing on them all), all kept their day jobs and used its income to feed their families.


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2 Comments on “The One out of Thirty-Two Million”

  1. za Says:

    Wowwwww!!! You’ve awed me with your work mate!!!! Im in complete awe! You’ve done a splendid job! keep up the good work Pal!
    Stick yo’ head up high!!


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